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When people prepare to sell a home, most of them work very hard to make their home is as attractive as possible. This could include just about anything, from re-painting walls to making minor repairs to hiring a home staging consultant. In a buyers market like this, sellers work very hard at making their home sparkle. They would never suspect that all of these improvements could be completely negated by the family dog.

For homeowners with pets, selling a house could take some extra effort. Pets leave behind evidence of their presence, whether it be in the form of scratch marks, hair, odors, or more. This can pose a problem for potential home buyers which may have allergies. There could be safety issues for pets and people alike, as there really is no way to know how an animal will react with strange people in the house. Additionally, some people are so strongly averse to pets they will refuse to consider a home where they have resided recently. Luckily, there are steps a homeowner can take in order to ensure that the family pet doesn’t prolong the sale of a house or worse, negatively impact its price.

The very first solution to be considered is to relocate the pet to another House Additions Guys. This could be a friend or family member willing to take care of the furry little guy or it could involve boarding the animal. Having the them out of the household would be the easiest, most effective way to prevent a pet’s presence from interfering with the sale of a home. The drawback is homes are spending longer on the market these days and boarding a pet for months on end would not only get expensive, it would be cruel.

If boarding the animal outside of the home is not an option, see if its possible arrange for friends or family to take the pets for a few hours during showings. Having them at the house is the last choice and should be avoided at all costs. If this is the case, they should be restrained in a kennel or outside. Not only are barking dogs and underfoot cats distracting, if a potential home buyer is bitten, they will not purchase the home and they might file a lawsuit to boot.

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