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During the warmer months of the year, electric costs can skyrocket due to high temperatures and humidity. Because of this, many people turn to using window air conditioning units as alternatives. These are rather simple to install, and they can easily be removed when temperatures even out later in the year. Below you will find the basic steps to install one of these units in a window in your home.

Before you begin, take a moment to study the room and choose the appropriate Window Air Conditioning Unit Guys for the installation. Go with a window that is within two or three feet of a three pronged wall outlet. If the only available outlet within the vicinity of the window is two-pronged, hire an electrician to install a three-pronged outlet instead. Never use an adapter or extension cord to substitute or get by, this could lead to a fire or other safety concerns.

You’ll likely notice that the framing around the panels will be hanging freely. The loose framing will need to slide in to both sides of the top rail that you installed in the beginning of the process. This framing stabilizes the side panels and blocks air flow from the outside once the air conditioning unit is installed. Once these panels are installed, the air conditioner is ready for installation inside of the window space.

Start by opening the window completely and clearing any obstructions that might complicate the installation process. For safe installation, be sure that you have an extra person to help provide another set of hands. Gently place the air conditioner into the window space, making sure that the mounting rail on the bottom of the unit is on the outside of the window. Pull the window down behind the top rail on the unit and ensure that it is secure and firmly against the unit. The top rail should be on the inside of the window.

Extend the side panels so that they are touching the window frame, and use the included hardware to mount the panels to the window. The air conditioner should have also come with sash lock hardware that is to be installed above the front facing sash in the window. You can also use foam to seal air flow between the upper and lower sashes.

You may also want to add insulation around anywhere there might be air coming in. The more you insulate, less cool air will escape, which will in turn help you save money this summer. If there are areas where there isn’t much insulation from the inside (where the cool air will be) and the outside of your home, you may want to consider adding more insulation to keep the cool air from escaping.

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