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Many times on the site, you are called on to suspend items from a concrete deck, bar joist or metal deck. This article will give you a few ideas to fasten to the deck from the floor in particular, hanging ceiling grid wire, jack chain and threaded rod. Just some applications include electricians suspending light fixtures and cable, low voltage contractors suspending cable runs or speakers, ceiling contractors suspending grid and many others.

If you do any amount of fastening at all to concrete, you likely have a Hilti or Metal Decking Guys, but do you have an extension pole? Most of these tools can be mounted on an extension pole allowing the worker to reach the deck without a lift or ladder. The most common type of pole tool is a fixed length pole, usually 6′ that you mount your tool in. The tool will have a actuator lever at the other end like a clutch lever on a motorcycle to actuate the tool. Some tools like the Ramset Viper tool are specifically made for use on a pole tool.

Tall buildings with bar joist ceilings can be a real challenge when the deck is 20′ in the air. While some electricians have a “trick” they use with piece of EMT to twist around the bar joist, this can be difficult to do all day.

The above mentioned ceiling clips and flange clips can be purchased pre tied with grid wire, saving you the time of tying them your self. You may pay a little more but many of these costs can be passed to the end user. Also, I often figure it costs a buck a minute to run a guy, I would rather have him focus on his trade rather than assembly work.

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