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If you’re going to sell someone a house, you have to be a real people person. Sales people, in general, rely on charisma, but realtors have to bring a little something extra. After all, a home is for most people the biggest purchase they will make in their lives, and it’s among the most personal things you’ll ever buy. It makes sense that Hollywood has made great characters out of realtors. Here are our favorites.

Ty Burrell plays Realtor Guys on the hit show Modern Family, which has just been renewed for a seventh season. Phil is probably the most loveable goofball this side of Chris Pratt. He likes to think of himself as the cool dad. Like most cool dads, he consistently embarrasses his three children, Luke, Alex, and Haley. He is the counterweight to his high-strung wife, Claire. He’s also a heck of a real estate agent. He’s never had a single month without a sale, and in his office, he takes the deals the other agents call commission impossible.

Jenny’s dynamic with her husband is not much different from that of Phil and Claire in Modern Family. She is the responsible and focused spouse while her husband, Kevin, is the dopey foil. Jenny is played by the beautiful Katie Aselton who digs into the role with a tomboyish tinge as the only female in the eponymous ‘eague an eight-person fantasy football league with her husband and their friends.

In the early seasons, she wasn’t actually in the league, as it was strictly for the guys. She had to operate in secret as the brains behind her husband’s team. Once she got in, she proved she belonged by winning the whole thing. Unfortunately, her sales skills don’t help her sell a house to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. You win some, you lose some.

Unlike the two sitcom characters on this list, Ricky Roma, played by Al Pacino, does not provide a shred of comic relief. The plot centers around a sales contest; first prize is a brand new Cadillac El Dorado, while last place is an early retirement. Any of the realtors in this film could be on this list, but Pacino’s Roma takes the cake as the best salesman in the film.

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