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Replacing your old wood railing with a cable railing can really open up your view. Wood balusters are visually obstructive and can make enjoying the view from your deck more like trying to see a movie when the guy seated in front of you is 6 foot 7. Cable railings are becoming popular since the cables provide a safety barrier but with the least visual mass, in many cases almost disappearing from your view.

A cable railing differs from a standard wood spindle railing in that the cables Deck Spindle Guys quite a bit to meet the 4 inch ball code requirement. This places a lot of force on the end posts. For wood spindles it may be OK to have a 3-7/8 inch space between spindles but for cable, cable deflection must be

In a cable railing system, the end and corner posts have to be able to handle an enormous amount of force. The combined tension of all the cables can equal the weight of a small car. It is very common that an amateur cable railing designer/builder fails to understand the forces involved and how to safely counter

This is pretty important since you will be drilling hundreds of holes and if you get one crooked, it will change the “visual line of the cables” and make the whole job look sloppy. Some cable fitting manufacturers offer a drill guide to aid in

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