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Women usually dominate the realm of interior design, but that doesn’t mean that guys can’t have their own well-designed and attractive homes. Decor for a male space, however, can be quite difficult; pastel-colored walls and fancy trinkets are seen more as emasculating than elegant. Florals and intricate patterns are out of the question, yet the space must somehow be made vibrant and interesting. As you can see, creativity is a crucial element when decorating a masculine room.

Start by browsing through magazines to get ideas on how to decorate your space. If you’re really allergic to anything floral and frilly, don’t bother going through those hyper-trendy publications. Go with magazines that you would actually buy and enjoy reading yourself. Even male interest magazines occasionally feature tips and guides on how to decorate an interior. Ideas, though, can come from anywhere. Even the backdrops and scenes they use for print ads can become the inspiration for your new space.

You should then consider what you’ve got to work with. Does the Deck Installation Guys anything architecturally interesting like a sloped wall or inclined ceilings? Is there some visual drama like with a set of huge windows or a massive bookshelf? Look for the elements that are big and interesting so that you know what items you can accent and emphasize when you begin decorating.

Floor to ceiling would be the best path for a guy to take when decorating any room. Prioritize comfort in your decor, so choose a material that you’ll enjoy feeling against your feet. Plain, solid colored rugs are best because they go with just about anything. White or cream rugs are particularly elegant, especially when paired with a dark or industrial themed room. If you’re not the diligent type when it comes to cleaning, though, dark rugs might be a wiser idea to make dirt less obvious.

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