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Throughout the course of our business, we have the opportunity to attend many car shows to demonstrate and market our products. The shows that we go to might be a casual cruise-in, a local or a national meet. Regardless of the type of show – there is always one thing that stands out – a nicely detailed car!

Now is the time to start with the front part of your ride. Start at the hood and continue to work your way down. After the hood is wiped off, I move to the front of the vehicle. Repeat the same process, paying particular attention to the nooks and crannies of the grill and other trim of the car, including the headlights and grill.

Staying with the front part of your Vinyl Deck Railing Guys I then start on the front fenders. Repeat the same process. Don’t worry about any vinyl, rubber or plastic trim; I usually save that for last. Ensure that you hit the chrome with your quick detail / spray wax as well as any painted surfaces. At this point – take a step back, check it out and admire your work – things are starting to come together after only a few minutes!

Next, move to the back of the vehicle. Start on another big surface – the trunk lid. After the trunk is done – continue on to the rear of the vehicle, again doing all painted and chrome surfaces. Next, move on to the rear quarters. I usually then will do both doors and surfaces in between the front and back last.

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