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In ancient times porcelain was used for creating bowls and dishes that were used everyday. Nowadays we use porcelain to create modern things that we use everyday too because porcelain is very durable and strong. On modern times porcelain started to be used for making bathroom tiles, bathtubs, sinks and other bathroom appliances.

However time after time it might happen that you have an accident and your Porcelain Repair Guys appliances are the partial victims of that. To be more accurate, porcelain sinks are very long lasting but they might chip or crack on a few parts. There is no need to worry because in cases such as this you can fix the sink by your self if you have some free time and if you put enough effort.

In this case you have to get some things to start repairing the sink yourself. You firstly need to determine whether the damage is small enough that you can handle. If that’s the case then get yourself some porcelain repair kit, that can be bought on large stores or on the Internet, alkyd based paint that has the exact or similar color with your porcelain sink, some alcohol, nail polish remover and an old cloth.

First of all you should make sure that the sink is completely dry and then clean it again with some alcohol and let it dry again. Remove all the excessive sand on the porcelain and then mix the paint with the porcelain repair kit and apply it to the area you are fixing. Let it dry and then apply nail polish remover on that area and let it dry again.

If you decide to repair the porcelain yourself you have to make sure that you have enough courage and patience to do it yourself. Your porcelain sinks needs the less further damage. There are plenty of porcelain experts who can repair the sink for some money so make sure to consider that option too.

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