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Okay their isn’t any fool proof way to keep the bad guys out. Just diligent use of alarms and locks. You can discourage them and send them away. For example what if the would be bad guy busted the front door in but the door had a door stop alarm behind it. It would stop the bad guy and alert you. Unlike the magnetic type alarms where it sounds an alarm and the door is open.

What if you are out and about in the public arena. Wouldn’t a personal alarm help to keep you safe? I think that if you had the ability to draw attention to yourself. When the public is busy minding its own business. Might make the difference between being a victim and being victorious. Most of us have lived in this beautiful country safely. We take for granted our security. I believe that in the near future no one will feel safe again.

We are losing our liberty and freedom to the new Front Door Lock Guys party in the white house. Plus, with the radical Muslims trying their best to kill us. I think security is going to the way side. Just look south in Arizona where people are being kidnapped at an astonishing rate. Second only to our third world neighbor. Yet most every one in our infamous government think that getting cheap labor is more important than our security.

Which reminds me, don’t let anyone tell you that the illegal’s are doing jobs Americans won’t. Something tells me that the 640,000 people that lost their jobs last month would do the work. Maybe the some 4 million people that lost their jobs sense Nov. 2008 would do them. Either way you want to look at it we all have to think about our own personal security. Alarms are just one way we can make a difference in our lives that could protect a lot more than just property.

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