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There are many different types of marquees, of which the most common nowadays, is the aluminium frame marquee. This type of marquee is the most favoured because its clever design allows the most amount of flexibility of use of the space within it. By not having a support pole positioned in the middle of the tent, framed marquees allow you to layout your event without being restricted by internal vertical poles.

Most traditional pole marquees are made of canvas, which is PVC Decking Guys tension by support poles and guy ropes. The guy ropes are then attached to soft ground. This is much like when you attach a camping tent with pegs to the ground, but on a much larger scale. This requirement for the marquee to be fastened to the ground, to maintain its stability, is one of the main limitations with pole marquees.

Because pole marquees can’t be positioned on hard surfaces, sandy areas or gravel areas in large gardens, their use is rather limited. Once other types of marquee came onto the marquee hire market that offered more versatility in where you could put them, pole marquees became a thing of the past.

Modern frame marquee design allows them to be positioned on car park areas, on a beach and or even on the deck of a barge. Because they rely on a rigid aluminium frame to hold the tent structure together, frame marquees can easily be located on hard or soft surfaces. And have the added benefit of not having support poles getting in the way of your choice of event layout inside the tent.

This versatility allows frame marquees to be able to be located over garden ponds, swimming pools, trees & shrubs and flower beds. This allows for a more visually exciting and interactive event area. Frame marquees are also a lot more stable than traditional pole marquees and have a longer shelf life, which is especially beneficial for marquee hire.

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