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Life aboard of a vessel is very different from any other shore located jobs or organization. Each and every crew member has got a specific grade and holds certain responsibilities in order to sustain the ship operations successful.

Mainly, the vessel’s crew has two types of seafarers: officers and ratings. The Deck Crew members can perform either on deck or in the engine room.

The Deck department the ship navigation, watch keeping, managing the ship’s hull, cargo, gear and accommodation, looking after the ship’s life saving and firefighting appliances. The deck department is furthermore the one in charge with receiving, discharging and looking after cargo. According to the vessel’s hierarchy, the deck officers are the following: Master, Chief Officer, Second Officer, Third Officer and Deck Cadet (deck officer to be).

The supreme authority on board a merchant vessel is the Master. The whole crew is under his authority. He is responsible for the safety, use and preservation of the vessel and ensures that every crew member carries out his work correctly. He is also responsible for the following: payroll, ship’s accounting, inventories, custom and immigration protocols, and the ship’s documentation. In order to become Master, a seafarer must firstly have a number of years of experience as a deck officer and also as Chief Officer.

According to the vessel’s hierarchy, the first deck officer and head of the deck department after the Master is the Chief Officer or Chief Mate. He is responsible with the ship navigation, watch tasks, charging and discharging operations. The Chief Officer furthermore directs all the other officers on deck, makes and posts watch assignments and implements the Master’s orders in order to maintain safe operations and maintenance of the vessel.

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