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If you thought the only possible way of getting rid of termites was to hire professional exterminators, you should know that there is a cheap and convenient alternative. Naturally, the more serious and extensive infestations would require professional help. However, the not so serious infestations can be dealt with at home using DIY measures. Just choose any of the following measures and you are set.

Use bait the most conventional way of Termite Fumigation Guys extermination is to mix poison with termite food items and place it in an appropriate place. This bait will make its way to the colony through the worker termite that will carry it to the colony for the others to eat. The only downside of this technique is that it takes months for the termite colony to be wiped out and one can never be sure of whether the bait did reach the colony or just helped in killing a few workers.

opting for a borate treatment is like painting your house with this substance which will not only drive away all the existing termites but will also prevent further infestations. The treatment can be done either on all wooden sections or the areas that are known to be prone to termites. This is an ideal solution for a first built residence. it is common to come across certain liquid chemicals in local convenience stores that are aimed at preventing and removing termites. One can simply spray the termite infested area with this liquid to get rid of the insects.

Fumigation is extensively used as a termite extermination method in the southern parts of the United States. This is most suited for dry wood termites and the results are instant and impressive. This option helps in exterminating colonies of termites by spraying a gas which has no color, smell or residue of any sort. Just like the liquid chemical alternative, one has to spray the gas in all the termite infested regions for the perfect outcome.

Natural methods of extermination for people wishing to do away with the usage of harmful chemicals for termite extermination, there are natural extermination options available. This process is similar to fumigation apart from the fact that natural repellants are used in place of chemicals. Some such common methods include usage of orange oil, removal of the infested wood and electrocution. Though these methods are less harmful as brutal as compared to the chemical options, they can also be more expensive and less effective.

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