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For millions of Americans the issue of aging parents and where and how to house them has become huge. And the bad news is it is only going to get worse. With more baby boomers getting to retirement age, a big demand is being placed on nursing home and assisted care facilities and especially their staff personnel. So far the existing system is strained to say the least.

What this leads to is nursing homes, assisted care and long term facilities Home Care Assistance Guys compromises when it comes to hiring staff. A missed background check, a missed reference check and worse add up to unqualified personnel being employed there. And home care caregivers and domestic help-OMG!

In a home care situation the figures largely are undocumented so we really have no idea. I get anecdotal evidence from customers that are scary to say the least. I hear stories of trusted housekeepers stealing from the home; stories of new caregivers who are incompetent and are in the U.S. illegally; theft, elder abuse and more.

One way to prevent or catch the bad guys is to install a hidden spy camera. That is a small hidden camera with built in DVR that records images on an 8 GB SD card for easy retrieval and play back. Just remove the card and plug it into your computer and see what happened when you weren’t there.

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