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One factor that could worsen your acne condition is clogged pores, which results in more pimples on your face. Before you go scrubbing your face a million times a day, you should know that you have to be gentle with your face. Wash your face at most thrice a day, and you should use lukewarm water. Avoid soaps that contain chemicals and ingredients that damage your skin. Try using a mild cleanser. Remember to pad your face dry and avoid scrubbing.

I know you can’t help it. But hey!!! Keep your hands by your side, Adult Day Care Guys, squeezing, rubbing or picking your pimples and other lesions. In case you don’t know, doing that can cause severe acne scarring and more acne flare-ups. So simply put “get your hands off your face”.

If your are a guy, then you should be careful how you shave. Try and find out which razor type is best for your skin. Although I used to use electric razors when I had a lot of pimples on my face, but now I use “twin blades” shaving sticks to shave. Always shave gently to avoid scrapping your acne lesions, which could result in acne scars.

To prevent skin problems such as acne, white and dark spots and pimples, you should consider changing the content of your meals by including more nutritious foods. You can improve your acne condition by eating foods that are rich with antioxidants. These help in keeping you healthy by fighting heart diseases and slowing down cell regeneration. Fruits and leafy vegetables contain enough of these.

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