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There is no substitute for a tile cutting blade when it comes to making professional cuts on natural stones or tiles. In this article, you will learn the technique of making basic cuts on tiles and natural stones, making curves and corners on natural and other hard tiles. There are myriad tile cutting blades in the market available. You can find best of these blades at hardware stores and lumberyards, or you can order them by phone or on line.

A sharp blade will glide through even the toughest stone. Even the experienced carpenter can’t do good work with a dull blade. And besides making lousy cuts, a dull blade is dangerous. Dull blades can heat up and warp or bind, and they tend to climb out of the cut. Unprofessional marks and rough cuts are other signs of a dull blade. If you have to muscle your way through the cut, your blade is dull.

Mark the tile with lead or color pencil. Line up the diamond blade with the cutting mark and turn on the saw and wait for water to run over the blade. Hold closely the tile on both sides of the cutting line and slowly pass it into the blade. Before the cut is complete, gently push the two halves to prevent the tile from breaking. When the cut is complete, cut tile back toward you until the tile is clear of the blade.

For making straight cuts, carefully watch the line as you Tile Cutting Guys and try to adjust the position of the tile to maintain the blade on the same line. Move the tile gradually through the blade for the precision cut. You are cutting too fast, if you notice the pace of the saw is getting slow. Hard materials demand slower feed rates. Lay your hands on the tile when you finish the cut. Always remember to clear off the blade before you reach to switch off the saw.

To grind away the excess tile and smooth the curve use tile diamond blades. Be cautious, too much sideways pressure could damage the blade. It is always recommended to move the tile slowly across the blade. Even though the tile saw looks scary the blade is abrasive rather than toothed and therefore safer and accurate than wood cutting saw. You still want to take precautions, as you would with any other saw. You must press the tile lightly and nibble off a fraction of an inch with each pass. Firmly, grip the tile with your hands and tilt the edge to get a perpendicular cut.

Getting the job done to perfection is not only effective to finishing the project; it can also save your time and money. Tile cutting blades can calls for investment and having to replace because they were chipped or broken because the wrong tile diamond blade was used can be expensive. With a little patience and practice, cutting tile with the good saw is almost trouble free. Few common problems are easy to avoid and can be fixed with the right techniques.

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