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Anyone in the market for affordable, eco and sustainable living friendly, inexpensive, innovative, moveable shelters has come across some information about the prefabricated shipping container homes. The business opportunity that lies in this potentially booming market is remarkable.

There are many who can profit from this new opportunity; but the most Retirement Home Crew can be to out of work residential building contractors. But don’t let that put you off, study to be a contractor, it might be worth it. Another way to profit from this new type of shelter is to participate in the building of your own; saving thousands of dollars.

Building contractors have a wonderful opportunity available in this type of construction. Simply research the competition. Keep in mind that in order to really maximize the profits, research your local customer base and promote the new type of architecture in your area. The possibility of design and construction with these containers is endless. A home for a single individual to an entire complex can be constructed.

Here is a potential market for individual units; baby boomers. As of the writing of this article the first wave of baby boomers are turning 65 and becoming senior citizens. They will be looking for retirement home possibilities on an extremely limited budget. It is no secret that most baby boomers have little to no savings and that’s information prior to the recent economic downturn; imagine the possibilities.

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