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Instead, of those ideas, what we are referring to are potential dates you might find online. And the truth of it is, that online dating sites are pretty safe places. Most of the people you will meet there are just regular everyday guys who are using the internet the same as you to search out a perfect match.

Even if you might find it hard to believe, there are guys out there right Senior Living Guys senior dating websites who seem to think they are still in high school. Their only desire is to overcome you with their supremacy. Think for a moment what those kinds of guys were like back in school; those guys who were legends in their own minds.

They were the ones that thought everything was a competition. They took their ideas of winning at all costs straight from the football filed or the basketball court right into their relationships. And more often than not, with absolutely dreadful results.

At first, it might have been flattering to be the object of such attention, but after a while when every single thing became a competition, that kind of attitude got really old really fast. In online dating, these guys are still out there and here is how to spot them.

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