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Installing a lighted address at the front of your houses improves its visibility from day to night. This makes it easier for people to spot your house even at a considerable distance. If you’ve grown tired of friends or guests missing your house the first time or delivery guys arriving late on your doorstep every single time, a lighted address sign can be a really good solution. Many reliable models operate through white LEDs so that your house number or address is easily visible even in the dark.

A tactically positioned address light will also improve the look of your Home Lighting Guys giving its facade an elegant and sophisticated look. The bright LED lights can enhance the look of your lawn or front garden while providing your home with an attractive illumination. By installing the address sign light on your well-maintained front lawn your home will easily stand out in your neighborhood. This way your guests, visitors, and delivery people will not go knocking on your neighbors’ houses ever again.

Solar address sign lights are especially beneficial since they are easy to install and runs through solar power. Since there is no electrical wiring necessary during installation, you can have your address light up and functioning almost immediately. These lights charge during the day and automatically turn on during the night. Some models have solar panels that charge even during cloudy weather. A solar powered address light saves energy costs and is not affected by power outages and blackouts.

It is best to choose lighted addresses which can be read on both sides, such as the Coleman Cable 2-sided Address Solar Light. You can install this address sign light in your front yard or attach it to your house. Easy to install and energy saving, these solar address sign lights are the perfect addition to any home or property, providing it with added visibility and an enhanced facade.

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