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To prevent unintended intrusion from the network and internet by using a network firewall is basically very effective. By utilizing the list of blocked IP’s, applications, and data packets, a firewall will minimize infiltration to over, of the time. But this is true only on certain conditions.

We’re happy to know that we’re really protected. It’s only that not every Network Firewall Guys owners really dedicate their small bit of investment to the default deny set of rules implementation, because they refuse to have to add additional exceptions in the future upon someone complaining that he can’t use some internet resources. They even don’t like more on the idea of having to add exceptions based on a daily basis.

They aim for a practical solution, without any later intervention needed to make it work. This issue is not there because the system administrator does not know about it, but mostly because it is a common practice. Commercials and marketing jargon that don’t want their products to look too complex to implement effectively also play the role.

To acquire the best firewall software installed is fine. The only thing is that it’s not good enough. It needs us to have at least a bit more knowledge about networking, computer security, and network firewall. No software provider is giving that solution yet, because that is our part as users. A little priming is crucial after the installation is done.

Out of this concern, I wrote a little about Zone Alarm Free Firewall, how to install and prime it for the best, along with the video guide, so that first time and fire and forget users can benefit from it. When we take care of things nicely, and the firewall is effective, all we have to do is just relax and enjoy the day.

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