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This is probably the most confusing term and is often used as the catch all phrase to describe people that weight train. This is incorrect though, not all people that train with weights are bodybuilders. A true bodybuilder is someone who competes in the sport of bodybuilding. They are concerned with using weight training, cardio and nutrition to change the way their body looks so that they compete on stage against others. Competitive bodybuilders try to gain muscle size, reduce body fat and develop muscular symmetry and balance. For example a bodybuilder wouldn’t want huge biceps with skinny calves because this will hurt their appearance.

There are also non-competitive Stone Panel Guys These people have the same goals as competitive bodybuilders they just don’t compete on stage. They too train for appearance by trying to build muscle size and symmetry. Bodybuilding is not easy because the diet aspect is just as hard if not harder than the dedication it takes to work hard at the gym. Some people stereotype bodybuilders and think they don’t lift heavy weighs and aren’t strong. Although muscle strength is not their goal, many bodybuilders train with heavy weights to build size and can be just as strong as strength athletes.

Yes its true powerlifters lift weights too. In fact they even lift at the same places as many bodybuilders, they do some of the same exercises and sometimes they’re even the same strength level. There is the keyword, strength. Powerlifters compete in a sport called powerlifting. Bet you could have figured that one out on your own. Powerlifters are not concerned with how they look they are concerned with how strong they are.

Specifically they try to get stronger in the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift which are the three lifts that comprise a powerlifting meet. On meet day powerlifters will be testing their maximal strength. They will lift the most weight they can for a single repetition. Powerlifters do have weight classes so they will need to watch their weight if they are trying to stay in a particular weight class.

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