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You just went out and bought yourself a wireless router for setting up your own home network. Setting it up was relatively easy using the supplied disk and everything seemed to work okay! All your computers connect and are able to easily access the internet without any problems whatsoever. It may be that you’re excited that everything went so well or even a little surprised that it did. You may be connected, but your new network is far from being secure.

You should know that most Home Network Setup Guys are not secure setup right out of the box using the supplied software. Anybody with a wireless access card installed could easily gain access to your network without any problems. But that’s not all there is even more of a security issue involved than you may think. Your computer network may be setup to share file and printers. This could be a big problem if any of your systems are sharing anything sensitive that you would want to keep from others.

Things like your email and or bank information tax software or any other highly personal data. If it was just your neighbor you may not be as concerned, but it is not. Anyone that is in the vicinity with a notebook PC can gain access to your shared files. It could be someone parked in the street or sitting on a bench across the road from your house. These people could be browsing through your computers shared files like they owned them.

Though this may sound bad it doesn’t have to be like that you can easily secure your network from anyone outside of your home computers. To get this setup you may have to gain access to your wireless router’s configuration panel. It is quite easy to do and if you read the instruction manual that came with your router you can find out how it is done.

Most routers either have an instruction sheet in the box or you can find the information on the supplied CD. You can access them through your web browser just like you would a normal website. Most routers have a couple of different security options to choose from. You can choose either WEP or WPA. I recommend using WPA as it is more secure than WEP. You will need to create a password or key to gain access to your router. This is a hexadecimal key that each computer that you want to grant access to will need to enter the first time they join your network. With WPA encryption on your router you can rest assured that your files will be safe from others.

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