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If you are a webmaster developing or maintaining websites then you probably have a home web server for development or testing purposes. An old computer can easily be transformed into a Linux server. Of course, this is not the same hosting as offered by commercial providers, it is only a place where you can install, develop and test web applications. With some additional settings you can access your home computers from any place that has internet access. This is very convenient for getting files you forgot at home.

Assuming that you already have a local area network including the Home Server Guys, which is a bridge between your computers and the internet, you need no additional equipment. In order to enable web access from the internet, you have to configure your router to forward outside web requests to the your server. The default port for web but you can choose any other port number to increase security.

If your router has no such function you can still install simple software utility on your computer which will update address every time it will be changed. You should create an account, select preferred domain name and choose your name which you will use as a sub domain. This account data you should enter into the router settings or external software for IP address update.

Now you have access to your router. Each time you will enter your name followed by the chosen domain, you will reach you router. If you have enabled access to its user interface from the external port, you will be able to configure it as you do it from your home computer. Having a possibility to access home computers from any location is very useful when you need some files or data from home. Even if you have a dynamic IP address you can access your development websites and show them to your friends or clients.

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