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A regular two story single family homes wireless installation usually only will require one wireless router placed centrally in the home. The question is how do I give the customer the best wireless coverage for the least price. Defining coverage area for the home is very important because defining areas to blanket can effect the customers cost. We have many customers that do a lot of work in detached garages and basements but many people use wireless in only one room. So the rule of thumb is the more areas the need wireless coverage the higher the price for the customer.

Perform a site survey to find out what other wireless networks are in the area. Knowing what channels other networks are running on is very important because each one of your wireless access points will need to run on a different channel. Now you need to decide how you’re going to distribute your wireless network throughout the home. A wireless access point acts a wireless wire so you will still find a method to get a network connection to that wireless access point. You have three options running network cables throughout the house , setting up power line Ethernet, or setting wireless repeaters or bridges.

Running network cables is your last option because it requires drilling and time, which equals more cost. Power line Ethernet is great because it turns your power outlets into network cables. All you have two do is plug in one power line adapter by your internet connected wireless router and then plug in adapters throughout the house where you need wireless access points plugged in. Then your final option is to set up wireless repeaters to which will extend your original signal through out your house.

Your first access points should be in the most central parts of the home with supplemental Wireless Network Guys access points placed in hard to reach areas. Keep the wireless access points away from large metal objects and if the wireless access point can’t be placed in a central location use directional antennas to point the wireless signal internally instead of outside.

If your clients are going to be gaming over the wireless network you could consider using because on older wireless access points AES encryption is processor intensive. The myth is that wireless encryption can be hacked in five minutes which is true if you have enough network packets to crack. The whole process is collecting the packets then cracking those packets, the collection of those packets could take weeks if not months. Then after the packets are collected the encryption has to be cracked.

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