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id you know that they are not required to have a real nurse there, they only need to be sure one comes in periodically to review charts. The people often administrating medications is someone who only took a week long course. (With a final exam of course but administered and graded by the person who taught the class) and can be on staff for the facility) I attended had clinicals and past a state board of nursing exam and I was terrified the first time I had to administer medications ,and there were only 3 patients, and at the most when the instructor approved 5. The very first time some CMTs(med techs) administer medications they may be administering to an entire assisted living unit and oriented to by another CMT not a nurse. This will be appropriate by licensing standards.

These units can have as many as 70 residents on several floors. I have been a nurse for over 20 years giving this many medications to this many people is an accident waiting to happen. The facility when marketing will tell you they have a nurse available 24 hours a day but that doesn’t mean they are physically on the unit or even in the building.

Ask them this specifically, and before signing any lease ask for a Private Duty Nursing Guys copy of the staffing sheet, do not allow them to show you a master this will usually not show or reflect the actual days events, look to see if there are cross outs labeled WNBI this means the scheduled staff person is not coming. Look to see if they were replaced or did the staff work short? Ask for the last 7 days worth,did the staff work short consistently? If they did ask what the nursing administrations plans are to correct this.

Ask if the facility expects its nursing administration to work on the floor to ensure quality nursing care and the needs of the residents are met. Ask specifically how many residents each direct care staff will each be responsible for,do not include the nurse she will be administering medications, if there is one on duty each shift, they may only have a med-tech. Remember this is not required. This could be significant in the event of a real emergency or need for immediate assessment or intervention.

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