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It’s always best to buy everything you need from a reputable source – and your worktops are no exception. Even though you are working with a tight budget, you are better off steering clear of the cheap worktops no matter how tempting the offer is. Always remember that cheap always turns out to be rather expensive in the long run, so your best bet would be to shop from a trusted store. If shopping online, be sure to read the reviews and do price comparisons of the products at various stores.

When shopping for your worktops, be sure to contract a reputable company to do all the cutting, finishing and treating of your worktops before delivery and installation. This way you get to avoid having a messy home during installation. What’s more, it’s the supplier who will carry any risks arising from mistakes during installation and you are hereby guaranteed a more professional finish to your worktops.

If you plan on having your worktop cut and finished in your Granite Repair Guys be sure to contract the services of a carpenter, fitter or joiner that you trust. Ensure that they are experienced in wood work and avoid the overeager DIY guys who may end up ruining your worktops. If you have sufficient DIY experience and want to fit your worktops yourself take care and measure twice then cut once. This will help you to avoid costly mistakes.

Ensure that your wooden worktops have been well treated with protective oil before having them installed. Have three coats of oil applied to all surfaces and at least five coats to the end-grain ends. Apply oil thoroughly to the underside before installation as you will not be able to do this again once your worktops are installed.

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