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Since you are looking for an iron water filter, you probably already know that you have high levels of iron in your water. This article also points to the fact that you know that the iron is not coming from your pipes but from the well water that supplies your home. Should you now get an iron water treatment system for your home or well water and is it the best option.

Before purchasing an iron water filter it might be a good idea to way up the expenses of installing this iron removal filter versus the cost of digging a whole new well. What you need to do is chat with some of your neighbors to find out if they are having problems with iron water. If they are then find out what they are doing to fight this problem and how much it is costing them per month.

If your neighbors do not have an iron problem but get their Well Water Treatment Guys, then it might be that their well has been dug and built at a deeper level than yours. Find out what the depth of your well as against some of your neighbors. It could be that your water supply is coming from a water source with high levels of iron.

In this case and depending on your local land conditions, it could be an option to reconstruct a deeper well or simply dig a whole new well. Find out from a well driller or pump installer about land conditions and get a quote of what it would cost to drill a new well. Compare this cost to that of installing and maintenance of iron filter systems.

Of course if you are only living in the area temporarily it would be cheaper to install an iron removal filter for well water or a whole home water filter system to remove iron from water supplies. This is because the type of iron in your water will determine the type of treatment you need and no one system works for every iron problem.

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