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If you have hard water in your home then you should look into getting a water softener. Hard water is made up of the minerals calcium and magnesium and over time can cause lots of damage your house. What these minerals do is build lime scale in your pipes and all water-based appliances. Over time this can clog your pipes and ruin your appliances. This only scratches the surface of what hard water can do to you and your household. But luckily there is an option you take known as a water softener. What softening water does is replace all the mineral ions with sodium or potassium. This effectively eliminates the hardness in water and turns it soft.

Having Hard Water Guys in your home is like having a little puppy. But instead of a puppy going around and eating all your shoes and tearing up your carpet, hard water is the lot more sneaky with the damage it causes. If you have ever noticed soap scum on your shower or tub floor then you have seen firsthand the damage it can cause. Hardness in water messes with soaps ability to lather and causes you to use far more soap when you bathe, wash her hands, etc. Then the soap sticks to surfaces and leaves a nasty residue behind. Besides just using more soap you also use more detergent, and over time this can be very costly.

Hard water also has many other effects such as damaging your skin and hair. When you have soft water in your house your hair becomes softer and more manageable in your skin less dry. The same hard minerals enter the fabric in your clothes and cause them to feel rough. Your whites also lose that vivid color over time by the hard water turning them gray. You also have to worry about the hard water stains on your dishware and faucets. While this isn’t necessarily a harsh negative effect, a lot of people can’t be bothered by washing the dishes for them still to appear dirty.

Now that you know what hard water can do, I will further explain how softening your water can fix this problem. When water enters your house the first thing it does is go through a water softener, if you have one that is. The water first enters the mineral tank where millions of tiny resin beads that are saturated with salt replace the hard minerals in the water with sodium. The way this works is the mineral ions are negatively charged while the sodium ions are positively charged so they are forced to trade places. Once this takes place the water then enters the house and is now known as soft water.

The only difference between hard and soft water is that soft water doesn’t contain the minerals calcium and magnesium. The water softener might also take out other minerals such as iron and any dirt or sediment that’s in the water. If you have decided that you need a water softener in your home, the first thing I would recommend to do is to look around at different products and read water softener reviews to find which unit is right for you. Hopefully you will find the right water softener for your house and be rid of hard water in no time.

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