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While Geotrax toys are not the most popular of children’s toys, those parents and kids who have been introduced to them all agree that they are a terrific toy for young boys and girls of varying ages. This small Fisher Price toy line has sparked fan sites, numerous YouTube videos, and a fanatical following among Geotrax initiates.

Each train set in the toy line consists of the train and its operator, and both characters in each set are unique and memorable. Aero and Eric are the new arrivals in town and speed throughout GeoTown Doc and Bunsen are the scientific crew who operate GeoTown from within Grand Central Station.

All of the characters are highlighted on the DVD episodes that are packaged with most new train set purchases, strengthening the characters identities in your kids minds. Each team is also known by a slang name, the lovable Woohoo and Opie are known as the Most Confused team.

Generally speaking, most toys are best suited to a single style of Playset Crew only. With Geotrax, however, multiples styles are supported. For young builders, the modular track system will have them exploring configurations for hours for vehicle lovers, operating the remotes or pushing their trains over the tracks will keep them occupied for imaginative types, the characters moving parts, and playability encourage interaction.

Surprisingly, everything fits together in GeoTown, regardless of which set the piece originated from. After setting up a serpentine track on multiple levels, you’ll find a piece of connecting track that is the perfect length to fit the pieces together. The entire system was designed so that sets could easily be mixed and matched together in multiple layouts.

The toy sets are high quality. The pieces snap together with a resounding and they stay together until you want them to part. The tracks are thick and durable, and can withstand heavy use, frequent drops, and rough play. Kids and adults of all ages are being introduced to Geotrax train sets each day. Aside from the cost and space required for a full track layout, there are very few reasons not to like what Fisher Price has done with this well crafted toy line.

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