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Contrary to popular belief, most men seem to rather fancy a bit of floral pampering. In 2003, over 60 per cent of men surveyed by the Society of American Florists admitted they would like to receive flowers on Valentine’s Day – and that was a good few years before ‘metrosexual’ entered our common parlance. An ICM poll from the same year also revealed that just as many men as women thought they might be given flowers on a Friday as a prelude to a good weekend.

What’s more, men who receive flowers are generally nicer to be around In a study undertaken by academics at Rutgers University, lone elevator travellers were presented with a single gerbera stem, a pen, or nothing at all, or exposed to a basketful of Transvaal daisies. The researchers then attempted to engage the inter-floor itinerants in conversation.

Taking into account head movements proxemic Bamboo Laminate Flooring Guys and polite versus genuine the researchers concluded that “both men and women were as likely to respond with more social behaviors when receiving flowers versus receiving pens or receiving nothing”. So whether or not men admit to being pleased by gifts of flowers, most people are likely to prefer male company if the males in question have been bestowed with blossoms.

According to Texas A&M University, flowers in the workplace also augment men’s problem-solving skills. Over a period of eight months, the men who participated in the study came up with 15 per cent more ideas than usual when working in a florally enhanced environment. So, if you’re a casualty of uninspired dinnertime chatter or lugubrious bedroom antics, perhaps a strategically placed bunch of flowers in the home will get your guy thinking.

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