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When I was making plans to visit Cape Cod, in my mind I always saw my goals as having fun . . . and eating lobster. In the end we had lots of fun and I had lots of lobster. Sorry, but we saw a 17 pound lobster in a preview tank and didn’t eat him. We were there for the funeral of many of his relatives, however.

For nearly ten years, our friend Al Burrage of West Seattle has been asking us to join him in his cottage in West Dennis at Cape Cod. We were finally able to schedule a trip to Massachusetts and not surprisingly, we loved it. Al rents his cottage, The Mainstay, out during the “season” but visits Cape Cod before the season and then again after the season to first prepare the cottage for guests, and then to close the cottage for the winter.

The cottage is a three bedroom home that features a Cedar Fence Post Guys in porch as well and an outside shower for getting rid of sand and salt before entering the house. The home has a crushed shell driveway and walkway. Typical of Cape Cod homes it has a cedar pole fence across the front and down one side of the yard. It’s painted a fresh looking aqua with maroon shutters. One bedroom has twin beds and two bedrooms have a double bed. The kitchen has a dishwasher, range, refrigerator, and microwave. We can attest that it is very comfortable. The Mainstay was our center of operation, while we were on Cape Cod. Each day we would venture forth to places like Boston, Wood’s Hole, Provincetown and then return to The Mainstay.

While Al lives in West Dennis he has plenty of opportunity to visit with people and scout out good places to go. Once we arrived Al kept up a steady litany of places we could go and things we could do and should do. Even when we ignored him he still made suggestions. We took him up on most of them . . . and never found a bad one.

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