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Moving a glass desk can be a tricky feat let me tell you. I had to move mine last week because I was moving to a different house and it took a lot of planning on my part. You will need to be sure that you are supervising the move of the glass desk because whether you are using movers or friends you will need to be sure that they are aware that it is glass and to be extra careful.

So the morning arrived and I made sure that the glass desk was one of the very last things to be moved. This was so that I could give it my full attention but I must admit that by this time I had become exhausted and probably was in more of a rush to get it done then I should have in order to be careful. I made sure to pick the guys that I trusted the most to move the desk. I had myself and three of my best friends so I knew that I could trust them but I also knew that in the event of me yelling at them that they wouldn’t be offended.

Before I took on the feat of moving the glass desk I had to Moving Van Guys sure to pack it carefully so that it would be protected during the move. I used Styrofoam, tape, and plastic wrap. I placed the Styrofoam over the top of the glass desk, on the sides of it, and generally anywhere that the glass was exposed. I used a generous amount of tape to ensure that the Styrofoam wasn’t going to separate from the desk. I used a ton of tape but it was for a good cause that Styrofoam wasn’t going anywhere.

After I was done mummifying the desk with tape I then wrapped the entire area in plastic wrap. This was to help to protect the glass but also to help to keep everything in place. Well I guess that I had done a pretty good job because my desk was unwrapped in my new home with no new scratches or cracks. When we moved the desk into the moving van we also made sure that the desk was secure and wasn’t going to be getting thrashed around in the back. At the end of the day I was glad that I had spent the extra time in planning the move of the desk. I am actually writing this from my glass table right now and I owe that to all of my careful planning in the moving of it.

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