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One of the things that many people assume when they purchase a home air purifier is that they will no longer have to dust. This is not the right thing to think. In fact when you start to use your home air filter you will probably discover that you have to dust even more often, especially if the home air filter you choose has an ionizer.

Although Home Air Filter Guys are designed to help eliminate some of the dust in the air, they are more useful for eliminating allergens. What that means is that they are great for getting pet hair, flakes of dead skin, and tobacco stains.

Since we tend to think that the filter is going to eliminate the need for dusting, it can take a little while before you learn that when you keep up on the dusting and regularly wipe the counters and coffee tables, your home filter is able to do a better job. Your regular dusting sessions help keep the dust out of the air, which in turn means its not having to work as hard as it does when the air is full or dust. This also means you won’t have to change the filter every few weeks. Without dust clogging up the inner works of your home air purifier you won’t have to change the filter as frequently, which saves you money.

Most people agree that it is best for your air filter if you dust your house at least once a week. If you live in a house that is seems to get a lot of dust you will have to dust even more often than not. If you are doing some task that seems to be stirring up a great deal of dust, you will want to shut off your air filter until the dust has cleared a bit on its own.

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