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One of the main reasons why most Home Businesses fail is not having a Marketing Plan. Whenever I talk to anyone about Home-Based Business opportunities, I ask the key question; How are you going to grow or build your business? I invariably get a blank stare and the confused look. I explain that the Product, Company, and Compensation Plan are meaningless until you find a way to acquire new customers and business builders. You’ve heard the cliche’, it sells itself…

When was that last time someone came knocking on your door asking for your Custom Home Builder Guys? You see, the money is not in the product or service, it’s in your ability to Market (move) that product or service. Honestly, most people that get involved with home-based businesses don’t have a clue about what effective marketing principles look like.

So they go off and start doing random activities and when they don’t get the results they expect, they stop working the business, or quit all together. Before you go off doing random activities you need a Marketing Plan to direct your daily actions and to help you focus in on what’s working and so that you can do more of what’s working less of what’s not working.

The people who were successful simply figured out a way to make their business work. Of course the big advantage I feel many people have today is that there are many more tools available today than ever before. The point is anybody, no matter what their background can succeed in the right home business, provided they have the desire, good mentors, and a Marketing Plan.

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