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Buying a new home can be a daunting experience to say the least, especially if you are going to relocate to a new city or state. Here are some tips I put together that have worked for others and may help you.

First, hire a Real Estate Agent for your new home purchase and when New Home Construction Guys use common sense to pick one. Most people don’t understand that the Seller pays the Real Estate commissions. If you do not use a Real Estate agent then you are helping the seller out by saving them a lot of money. Your Real Estate agent is responsible represent you and answer any questions you may have about the process of buying a home. Make sure your agent has a lot of experience as 90% of agent will fail in there first 5 years. Make sure that you stay faithful to an Agent that is doing a good job for you.

If you buy a “dirt” home, meaning the home has not started yet, you get the advantage of buying a home on the lot you want and the upgrades you want to place in a home. This has a great advantage if you are moving from out of state or have a lease. You will have about 4 -12 months of waiting time while the home is constructed. Plenty of time to end a lease or move from a different state.

If you decide to build a home I would recommend that you visit the home site frequently and take many photographs. These photos will help you identify problems and help you keep a nice journal throughout the construction of your home. You may also need the builder to examine these pictures in case of a problem in the future.

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