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HEPA is a term that can be found on all sorts of products lately. A cursory examination of your local department store will reveal HEPA filters for air conditioner units, HEPA vacuum cleaner filters and, of course, HEPA filter air purifiers, among many others. The consumer is left wondering exactly what HEPA means, though. Let’s take a look at HEPA purifiers to get an understanding of what the term means. The human body’s respiratory system have a hard time stopping that particular size, and they are the most dangerous to us, moreso than particles both larger and smaller.

The acronym stands for high efficiency particulate absorbing. Or, alternately, it could mean high efficiency particulate arrestance which is basically the same thing. In everyday English, HEPA purifiers either stop or absorb particles of matter that are way too small for the human eye to detect. The vast majority of things that we can smell are not micron particles, which means our noses have no way to know which is the best HEPA air purifier.

Although Hepa Air Purifier Guys do clean pollen and dust out of the air, there are many more particles that are not natural to our environment, and that our human respiratory systems do not deal well with. Sometimes we can detect these other particles in the form of allergens and odors, sometimes we can’t. Unfortunately, there are many pollutants that our bodies simply don’t recognize and don’t defend against, which leaves them to damage our lungs and other inner parts. Having a device that can either stop or absorb these dangerous particulates can definitely have a positive impact on one’s health.

Some purifiers are not as effective as others. Most anyone who tests and rates purifiers go by what is called the HEPA standard. This is because HEPA purifiers are widely known to be the best at filtering air, and have been for a while now. HEPA filter air purifiers are so vaunted because they stop air particles that are micrometers in diameter. There is a purpose behind the focus on that specific particle size.

There is a lot of science behind this, and the buyer can expect a price tag that reflects this. HEPA purifiers are generally not cheap. You can also purchase HEPA type air purifiers, generally right along side the true ones. These cheaper purifiers are not held to any standards at all. If you purchase a HEPA type air purifier, you could easily get nothing but a highly ineffective fan. Don’t put too much stock in purifier reviews, either.

Demand for home air cleaners reaches millions of units each year. This demand puts manufacturers under pressure to lower costs. Affordable air cleaners are certainly welcome, but many are disappointed because they aren’t getting the performance they expect. Due to exceptional high efficiency and reliability, HEPA filters are being incorporated into room air purifiers to convey high performance to the mind of the consumer. What most of these HEPA air purifier manufacturers fail to tell you is their air purifiers achieve nowhere near the efficiency of HEPA filtration.

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