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HEPA filter vacuums can be very valuable tools for the health of a carpet. To understand why, we need to take a look at several things. What exactly these vacuums are as well as several of their benefits will be discussed. We will even examine a couple of models and take a look at what some happy customers said about the more established model. It should also be necessary to take a brief look at product warranties.

Most of these units are bag less and utilize what is referred to as a HEPA style of filter. This kind of filter is much better at removing all types of negative elements from the carpet. These types of vacuums are constantly being used by hospital personal and people with serious allergies. Well, there are actually too many to mention but a few key ones should be noted. HEPA filters have been proven to pick up over ninety nine percent of unwanted elements. Not only are these vacuums capable of picking up all the dirt and dust but they remove almost all of the negative irritants, including allergens.

One customer claimed that it is the most powerful vacuum cleaner he has ever owned. He also noted on how well the special claw unit worked for picking up pet hair. His review is just one of several positive ones. It is very quickly being discovered by consumers. It offers what is called a twin chamber system. This allows it to have maximum power over traditional models. The vacuum is also a very quiet unit. This comes in handy when trying to clean house in the presence of pets or children.

There are several important add on attachments that come with many of these Hepa Filter Guys vacuums that you should keep an eye out for. There is the crevice tool. This attaches to the hose and allows you to suck debris from hard to reach places. There is also the duster brush. This attaches to the hose and allows you to dust items as you work to suck them clean. Most of these vacuums come with very handy attachments.

The warranty is a very valuable part of any investment you make in a cleaning product. The good thing about these types of vacuums is that most of them are brand new or at least very recently refurbished so they come with nice warranties. This comes in handy if the vacuum doesn’t hold up or breaks easily. A full warranty gives you the ability to have a product that is completely able to be replaced, as long as you are careful with it.

HEPA filter vacuums have many great things to offer their users. They do a much better job of cleaning and they work very well at cleansing a home of allergens like pet hair. Most professional level cleaning personnel prefer this type of vacuum over standard ones. If your current vacuum is not getting the job done you might want to consider upgrading to one of these.

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