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A carbon scrubber is a safe and effective odor removal device to have whether you converted a room into a hydroponics grow room or whether you’re using a hydroponics grow box to grow your plants indoors. A carbon scrubber is 100% safe and effective way of removing odor from the grow environment such as your garage or closet. Carbon filter or a carbon scrubber is much safer than using a room ionizer which some people will use to get odor out of the grow space.

Ionizer should only be used in areas where human beings and plants will not be exposed to any of the ionized air. Ionized air is dangerous for human beings and also for plants and animals in the area keep this out of your grow space Only use ionizers when venting into a space with no living life. Beware of grow box manufacturers that include ionizers with their grow boxes as a way of removing odor. These are dangerous to have in your living environment.

So a carbon Air Scrubber Guys is a safe alternative to an ionizer for reducing grow odors in the grow space. A carbon scrubber is a simple device. If broken down it is actually two cylinders, with a layer of thick activated charcoal carbon filling both those layers in your cylinder. Air is forced through the middle of the cylinder into an open space like a tube and then in order for the air to escape must force its way through the activated to exhaust the confines of the scrubber.

The carbon itself is a very porous material and will actually absorb the odor molecules at a microscopic level so that by the time that air is exhausted back into the grow space there’s no smell whatsoever. Carbon scrubbers can be replaced every six months to one year as odor becomes a problem again. For good ventilation or you need to have a nice powerful exhaust fans and a nice big carbon scrubber to really get that odor out of the air. A carbon scrubber is also very useful because it will remove pollen and mold spores directly from the air.

That way if you have multiple grow boxes all running at the same time and you have male plants and female plants you wouldn’t want pollen being spread throughout your room, you can use a grow box with a built in carbon scrubber and pre filter the bad smell as well as pollen and mold from spreading throughout your grow room. It’s highly recommended that when you purchase a hydroponics grow box get one with a large carbon scrubber to get rid of odors and prevent diseases in your plants when growing hydroponically.

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