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Go to any cosmetic counter and you’ll find all kinds of skin care products that are supposed to be awesome for your skin. The top of the line products retail for around $400 per ounce. You won’t be complaining about the price of gas, after buying one of those babies. The interesting thing about high priced skin creams is that there is really no proof that they do half of what they promise. Some of the ingredients contained therein are not necessarily good for you either. The best way to have awesome skin is to take mom’s advice and eat your vegetables.

Vegetables and fruit, especially eaten fresh are full of antioxidants that help prevent wrinkles and will definitely gobble up those highly reactive oxygen molecules that damage cells called free radicals. Free radicals are actually by products of metabolism that cause the body to age faster than it needs to. The fruits and vegetables that are orange and red, notably sweet potatoes, tomatoes, apricots, cantaloupe, red and orange peppers, are especially good for making skin glow by moisturizing and toning the skin.

Ionizer Guys is a very powerful and efficient scavenger of free radicals. Its antioxidant potential should never be underestimated. The body can’t store very much vitamin C, so you need to have readily available supplies in the form of citrus fruit, notably, oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit. Vitamin C helps support collagen in the skin. Collagen is the supportive protein fibers that give skin its smooth, soft texture and stop skin from sagging and getting fine lines.

Vitamin A is wonderful for the skin. This vitamin has the most benefits to the skin and is found it those dark, green leafy vegetables, notably, kale, spinach, turnip greens, mustard greens and broccoli. Vitamin A keeps skin cell growth reproducing flawlessly, by helping new skin cells grow perfectly, preventing tough, dry, scaly skin. The protein in the fish is very user friendly for the body and is wonderful for repairing the collagen proteins in the skin and also for helping to produce the enzymes and hormones that help keep the skin glowing.

Alkaline, ionized water is a special type of water that is produced by a machine beside your kitchen sink. This water has so many benefits for the body it is difficult to list them all here. Alkaline, ionized water is micro clustered so it absorbs more readily and moisturizes your skin from the inside out. It has an amazing effect on your skin, hair and nails, adjusting the texture, giving you that smooth, silky feeling. Alkaline, ionized water has an amazing anti aging effect on all parts of your body buy everyone will want to know what you put on your skin to look so good.

Fill your fridge with all of the above foods and your body will thank you. Everyone will want your beauty secrets. Do you know what a turn on it is for a woman to caress a guy’s soft, silky skin. You’ll not only look and feel younger, you’ll look younger. Who needs $400 creams with ingredients you can’t pronounce.

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