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Who says wallpaper is only for the wall? One of the joys of upgrading your cabinet doors is the chance to make them unique and personalized. Choose some interior latex paint in a color you love for your cabinet and let it dry. Now it’s time for the interesting part.

Find some scrap wallpaper that really speaks to you, something you’d Custom Door Guys on a regular basis. Then cut it to fit the door panel, spray adhesive on the back and affix it to the panel, making sure to smooth it out as you go. It’s always interesting to find non-traditional uses for everyday decorating material, and besides, why should your wall get special treatment? At least your cabinet doors open and close periodically. Let’s see a wall do that.

Maybe you’re happy with the color and texture of your cabinet doors, but you’d just like to spruce up their visual appeal. Adorning the perimeter of the doors with distinctive trimwork is the perfect solution. Figure out how much molding you’ll require by measuring the cabinet doors and including the four corner embellishments in your calculations. Using a miter box – a wood working tool that guides a hand saw to make precise mitre cuts in a board – cut the molding strips to the proper size.

After painting the cabinet doors, molding and embellishments with a uniform color, you can attach the molding and embellishments with wood glue and you’re good to go. An upgrade doesn’t have to mean an overhaul when a little trim will do the trick.

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