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Ever since the first mechanical wood locks were born some 4000 years ago in Egypt, we have been on a steady mission to improve lock technology. In today’s world we would no sooner consider installing a 4000 year old lock on our home than writing a letter to aunt Martha in Hieroglyphics.

So why is it we still install inferior locking devices on our homes? Pocket Door Guys I’m sure wouldn’t meet the Egyptian’s standards of 4000 years ago. I’m talking about cheap door chains, the single worst security device you could install on your home.

There’s something about this 1950’s mindset we can’t seem to eradicate from our minds. Gone are the Edsels, hi fi’s and saddle shoes, but door chains have stood the test of time. After thousands of warnings from security professionals and police officers, consumers still toss these useless blister packs in their shopping carts.

Part of the problem is availability with just about every hardware store carrying this inexpensive item on the same shelf as their home security wares. In fact, cheap chains are not even recognized as home security products by most security professionals.

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