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Air purifiers purify the air by eliminating dust, pollutants, allergens, contaminants, smoke, mites, bacteria, virus, pollen, molds, odors, gas, etc. With increasing indoor air pollution, the necessity of having an air purifier has amplified. They are a great boon for patients suffering from asthma and different types of allergies. Today, they became a necessity for every home.

The technology used in air purifying is basically categorized into two categories Active and Passive. However, there are some purifiers which make use of both the technologies. Passive technology involves purifying air by drawing it to the purifier. Most of the city dwellers are exposed to dusty environment. The dusty air consists of many tiny dusty particles like sand, tiny stones, pollen of plants, etc. which are allergic to most of the people. As most of the allergens are solid particles, an air purifier whose filters are efficient enough to filter these allergens should be bought.

This is a combination of both active and passive technologies and the purifiers with this technology are more efficient than purifiers with each of the individual technologies. Before buying an air purifier, one should be clear about the purpose of his purchase and needs to check if it is fulfilling the same or not. There are various concerns, which an air purifier needs to address.

Homes with pets have high chances of air contamination due their dander. Some people may also be allergic to this. So as to keep the surroundings of the home free from dander, one should select a suitable air purifier. Chemicals are part of almost everybody’s lives today. Sometimes these chemicals release toxic gases that can cause an irreparable damage to the health of the people inhaling them. An efficient air purifier embedded with a technology of purifying the chemical contaminants should be given the highest priority.

Apart from the natural contaminants and pollutants that are present in the Air Purifier Guys considerable amount of micro organisms also are present at any given place. These micro organisms are generally small germs, bacteria and virus. These are most commonly known to cause problems such as cold and flu. They are more rampant in some specific seasons. New air purifiers now are capable of killing biological organisms present in the air. Opting for this kind of purifier generally is very beneficial to the consumer in protecting their health to the maximum extent.

Air purifier, a basic necessity among every household should be purchased with great knowledge. Today they are using latest technologies for more effective cleaning of air. While purchasing a purifier, one should consider the above mentioned factors apart from cost to live a healthy life.

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