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If you come across a fat guy, some elves and a talking snowman, it’s either Christmas or an office party gone horribly wrong. Assuming the former, nothing gets you in that holiday spirit like decorating, and a great place to start is with exterior doors.

The modern home is full of possibilities for Christmas ornamentation, Exterior Door Guys to windows to mantles. But if you start with exterior doors, you’ll send a clear message to the world that your home is alive with the festive spirit and visitors are welcome. Assuming they brings gifts, of course.

Christmas is all about tradition, but if going with the flow tends to rub you the wrong way, try something different with your exterior doors. Instead of hanging a wreath at the very top, move it lower so it’s more accessible and welcoming. It will give your home a more modern look as well, much like the contemporary approach of hanging art at eye level.

And if you have windows on your exterior doors, you’ll keep them free to bathe the foyer in light rather than blocking it off. There’s nothing wrong with aiming high in life, but this is one instance where your wreath should not exceed your grasp.

You wouldn’t think of adorning your mantel with those stock photos that come with picture frames. Images of family and friends hit much closer to home, and the same approach works nicely on exterior doors. You can still use a wreath, but personalize it by adding a photo of loved ones or the family pet.

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