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An irrigation system in a garden can be formed into a feature when it is turned on. It is a timed system where pipes and sprinklers jet out water to irrigate the garden. The system has a storage tank and a pump to boost the water into the sprinklers. The size of the garden is the one that guides the piping and sprinkler points. The sprinklers are buried into the soil. They pop up once the water is turned on. It can be static or rotational.

The irrigation system is connected from the mains into a storage tank. A home owner times the system to come on when maybe he is resting on a balcony or patio. As the water flows from the sprinklers into the garden at different points, it forms a rainbow. This forms good features in the morning and afternoons when the day is starting or ending. Starting the system can be remote controlled from the lounge or bedroom using the technologies available.

The Sprinkler Pump Guys system is done after the soil is leveled. This is to avoid breaking up the pipes when digging the ground. The point for the tank is excavated and the tank put in to the ground. After the tank is in place, the excavation for the pipes is done. This is done in any desired patterns. This can be curved circular or angular shapes within the landscaped area. When laying the pipes, the sprinkler points are joined along the piped system.

When the piping is complete and all the pumps and sprinklers ready, the ground is leveled. The system first has water filled in the tank. It is then tested for any leaks. The ground is then planted with the grass or other vegetation. The pump is then turned on as desired. The system is used until the garden is mature. It can also be installed on mature gardens. When using a lawn mower, the sprinklers are not affected as they pop up only when water is turned on.

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