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Right from the top, water conservation, saving money, and convenience are three of the key factors that prompt many people to install a timed irrigation system in their lawns. Aside from these main advantages, there is of course the added benefit of keeping your lawn healthy and green through the spring and summer months.

Watering a lawn or garden is so simple, yet many people get it wrong partly because it is so easy. There are numerous times when you might turn your sprinkler, and intend to come back several minutes later to shut it off or move it to another area, but minutes turn into hours and you suddenly remember after large amounts of water have been wasted at your own expense. Another scenario could be that you forgot which areas of your lawn have already been watered, or which days you watered previously. We’re all human, and distractions happen, but with an automated watering system it’s one less thing you have to stay on top of aside your busy schedule.

An Automatic Watering System Guys lawn irrigation system consists of multiple sprinkler heads interconnected with tubing, and can be separated into multiple zones. Each zone has its own sprinkler heads and a control valve which regulates the water flow, and these valves are all connected to a central control mechanism, normally placed in the garage, basement, or other protected area of your home. The control panel serves as the brains of the entire system. When the central control panel activates a specific zone, a control valve opens, the system becomes charged and the sprinklers start ticking away.

There are many different types of sprinkler heads, each suited to a particular type and size of area requiring watering. There are sprayers which deliver a fine mist uniformly out in all directions, rotary heads which blast water out in a wide circle, and drip type heads for more specific landscape areas. Sprayer heads are normally used when accuracy of coverage is essential, while rotary heads deliver water to a large area and require fewer units. Many sprinkler heads are available in pop-up versions, rising several inches above the ground when water pressure is applied so as not to be obstructed by small plants and shrubs.

There are likely only a couple reasons why you are considering an automatic lawn sprinkler system Simplicity and Savings. These systems may be costly initially, but the water savings, and more importantly the time you will save, are worth every penny. No more grabbing the hose and spraying the lawn while you get wet and cold, no more forgetting the sprinkler was turned on, and no more remembering which areas you have watered and how often. All of these things are removed from your schedule when you operate an automatic watering system.

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