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If you own a farm or a huge garden, you most likely have a sprinkler system. A sprinkler system will keep your plants watered regularly thus you no longer have to take out the garden hose and then water your plants. This can be every impractical especially if your farm or land covers a huge land area.

In order for your Irrigation Pump Guys sprinkler system to work you will need an irrigation water pump. This pump will draw water from various sources like ponds, rivers, lakes, and wells and then take it to the sprinkler system. This water will then be used for watering your plants.

First, you must design your irrigation system first before you purchase the pump. First timers make the common mistake purchasing a pump first without designing the irrigation system only to find out that the pump does not fit. Do not fall prey for this, design and construct first before you shop for a water pump.

Irrigation pumps and high pressure water pumps are two different classifications. This does not mean that the pumps classified under irrigation pumps can be used for sprinkler systems. Most sprinkler systems use pumps classified under high pressure water pumps. On the other hand, irrigation pumps can only support a single small sprinkler head attached to a hose.

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