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You may be amazed but the entire process of purchasing and installing an electric fireplace can be all competed in less than a single day. This may seem unbelievable but it is possible to do and anyone is able to do it. There is no need to call a handyman, no need to hire a remodeling crew, and no need to beg your crafty and mechanically inclined neighbor to help you. Compared to other fireplace options, such as gas logs, gas inserts, pellet stoves, or traditional wood-burning fireplaces, purchasing and installing an electric fireplace really is a piece of cake.

The first step is obviously purchasing the electric fireplace. This is a step that you cannot bypass. Most of the time you need to really look and determine the exact look or style of the fireplace that you want. Just remember that electric fireplaces aren’t purchased because they are efficient ways to heat a home–in truth they are somewhat glorified space heaters and are not an alternative heating option. They consume a goodly amount of power, but if you turn down your central heating and stay in the room where you’ll be using the fireplace, you can find them enough to keep your area cozy. Because electric fireplaces aren’t really alternative heat sources, you will mostly be choosing yours based on style and getting the look you want. You should however, look for the most energy efficient models you can find to reduce the energy costs.

To install the actual electric fireplace all you Pellet Stove Insert Crew need to do is decide upon a location that is close to a power outlet. This is essential so that you can plug it up and ensure that you are not having to use an extension cord to reach the plug. This may mean you need to change your intended location to a place that is closer to the power plug. If you are looking to put an electric fireplace in a location that does not have a plug, you could always have a plug installed in the location that you want.

I recommend putting your fireplaces somewhere the plug and cord will be hidden. Most models come with mantels or surrounds that make the fireplaces look real, but it’s quite the giveaway if there’s a power cord snaking out from behind your fireplace and running across the room.

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