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So it’s that time again, time to get a good, thorough carpet cleaning. So you’ve rolled up your rugs, moved your furniture around, and now you’re ready to call the carpet cleaners. Before you grab the phone book and call the first company listed, though, here are five things you need to look for in user reviews and references and in the company themselves when having your carpets cleaned.

You shouldn’t have to adjust your whole life just to get the Professional Carpet Cleaning Guys to your house. Rather, they should have flexible hours, being available at any reasonable time of the day. Some companies are only available for a few hours every day. This is fine if those hours happen to be exactly when you need them, but why adjust your schedule just to get your carpets clean?

Many carpet cleaners still use detergents and shampoos developed half a century ago that leave your carpets soggy and damp for a day and a half. If you live in an arid region, maybe you can live with that, but in Florida, Georgia, anywhere humid, you’re inviting mold and, of course, sitting there with a wet carpet for hours on end. There are solutions to clean carpets these days and leave them dry in an hour’s time, look for that.

This is really a personal matter, and we all have our own feelings and politics, but most of us can at least agree that when you have to choose between two otherwise equally viable companies, you’ll want to hire the guys who use an eco-friendly solution and who will properly dispose of the waste rather than just dumping it down the sink.

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