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I know, what in world am I doing talking about hydroseeding cost to seed a new lawn, when snow storms are hitting everywhere? Well, everyone was so busy during the summer so maybe some people will like to learn about the wonderful benefits of a hydroseeding a new lawn. The new lawns that’s are put in via hydroseeding start growing in the first week.

The Midwest areas, especially in the greater Milwaukee areas of Wisconsin have not even heard of Hydroseeding Guys. Most of the builders are still using roll out straw blankets and seed on commercial developments! These straw blankets contain plastic mesh inside of them unless they use the environmentally safe weaved blanket, which at a roll for cost to installers then add mark up, you can see the problem here.

The paper mulch type used by some hydroseeders, is safe to all land and animals, besides providing a erosion barrier that the EPA calls for on construction sites now days, this mulch combined with a bonding agent provide the required erosion protection. The best part the paper mulch degrades and then feeds the new grass! No, plastic mesh and safe for the environment. This only shows me again that builders and home owners in this area are not aware of hydro seeding. This stuff only costs pennies, how much more economical can you get and still be safe for the environment.

This past year I cannot even say how much of the straw roll out blankets, I saw. It just makes me shudder at the thought of all that plastic being laid over our top soil surfaces, never to dissolve. The thought of that is just horrible. Why is this horrible stuff being used when a environmentally safe alternative of hydroseeding is available at such a economical price. The way they are using the straw seed in Wisconsin, greater Milwaukee area you would think they were giving it to the builders for free.

The hydroseeded lawns and erosion barriers are highly economical and green to all. The true problem is just educating people to the fact that hydroseeding opposed to straw/seed application even exists. They say knowledge is power, so let’s try to educate people and help to move out of the dark ages and into the present. The benefits of a new hydroseeded lawn are cost effective and provide a great lawn in a short time.

If you have any questions or would like to help spread the word about hydroseeding please leave a comment and I will get back to you. There are many quality hydroseeders out there, stick with ones in your area that are listed with professional hydroseeder associations. These people are showing they are committed to being professional and keep the high standards. Don’t be fooled by just being listed on a turf machine site, some list people just because they bought their equipment from them.

The actual professional association members will have a member symbol by their names. There is a company called Badges Properties LLC in the greater Milwaukee area who is willing to help people in that area in person. They are a really nice company and will help you with your new lawn. The process of a hydroseeded lawn is not hard to understand and the cost of a new hydroseeded lawn is the best part. There are many articles on new hydroseeded lawns to help you in making your mind up on how to install your new seeded lawn.

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