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You have to learn how to put your foot down. You also have to learn the difference between the legitimate contractor giving you valuable advice and the scam artist who is there to take you for a ride. A recent show I watched highlighted that aspect of so-called professional contractors.

In the show, the host created a small problem for contractors to come and fix. When the contractors arrived, they were shown to the problem and they were given their space to figure out how to fix it and what the cost would be. Cameras were put in place though and we got to watch as they took a second to look at the problem and then walk around in circles for a half an hour, calling their buddies, twiddling their thumbs and basically wasting time to make it seem like they were giving the problem some serious consideration.

When they told our fake homeowner what the Electric Wall Fireplace Guys was and the cost that it was going to take to fix it, some of them were so outrageous that it was ridiculous. A simple five minute fix it job was turned into a few days worth of work with hundreds of dollars worth of supplies and a huge whopper of a story to go along with it to make it sound more serious than what it was.

When confronted, some of them kept to their stories as if there actually was a serious problem. Even when they were shown the actual small issue, they kept lying about their expertise and the issue at hand. Some guys folded and left as soon as they realized they had been caught up on a television show.

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