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A carport can be a useful addition to your home. Aside from protecting your car from ultraviolet rays and other elements that can cause damage and shorten its lifespan, a carport also shelters you from the elements when getting into and out of your car. With a carport, you can avoid getting into a car that’s been baking in the hot sun all day in snowy climates, a carport can save you from having to shovel snow off the driveway and clearing snow and ice off your car.

Even if you don’t have a car, you can enjoy the shelter of a carport, which allows you to work or just relax outdoors, protected from sun, rain and snow. Carports are also used for outdoor dining, as covered play areas and protection for boats, RV’s and other recreational vehicles. When building a carport, there are many options to consider. You can get a roof on posts, a carport with complete walls, half walls, a wall on just one side, or a canopy attached to the house. With many designs you can start with a simple carport and later add sides and front and back walls to provide a complete enclosure.

Building a Wood Carport Guys is less expensive than a garage, and in most municipalities you may not need a building permit, as it’s considered an outbuilding. Check with your local municipal building department, your contractor or a local carport supplier to be certain. While you’re checking that, you’ll need to find out the local wind factor and snow load if applicable in your area so you can purchase an adequately safe structure. And don’t forget to call your local utilities before digging to ensure that your project won’t cut any underground lines.

Aside from the type of structure to build, there are various materials to consider. The main choice is between metal and wood. Metal is stronger and more secure, fire resistant, rodent and termite proof and less expensive than wood. It is also resistant to warping, cracking and rotting and requires no painting, creosoting or maintenance. However, a wood carport generally looks better and blends more naturally with the house. It can also give you more versatility for adding storage, a work area, lights and electrical.

Metal carport options include aluminum, steel or prefabricated insulated polystyrene foam core panels wrapped in steel or aluminum. Steel is the least expensive and most durable, but typically less attractive than aluminum. There is also Alumawood. It is aluminum which is made to simulate the look and feel of wood, giving you all the benefits of metal with the often preferred aesthetic of wood. It costs more than a standard aluminum carport, but generally less than a wood carport.

The various types of carports differ in the amount of time needed to assemble or build them. Some can be put together by one person in only a few hours, while others may need a team of four people for a few days. Of course, you will need more time if you are laying a cement slab or pouring cement footings. Be sure to inquire about set up time and the number of people required, as this can dramatically increase the cost of your carport.

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